What is FabBond ® layer bonding?

Layer bonding is the process of permanently bonding two or more fabrics or materials. The resulting bonded product combines the best features of each of the individual materials to create a reinforced product with superior properties, such as durability, puncture resistance, and stiffness. Our engineers routinely bond products such as Naugahyde vinyl, PVC, leather, Ultrasuede ® , Alcantara ® suede, and many natural and synthetic fabrics. We serve a variety of industries including contract furnishings, hospitality, apparel, medicine, recreation, and footwear.

What is FabArmor ® moisture proofing?

For the most demanding applications, we offer FabArmor ® , which combines our GreenShield ® stain protection with a barrier film laminated to the back side of the fabric. FabArmor ® is an excellent choice for health care, senior care, hospitals, hotels, and commercial applications where spills may remain on the surface for extended periods of time. It allows fabric to breathe while taking away moisture from the surface. It is especially effective against urine, food, medicines, and blood. It is an effective way to protect your mattresses, sofas and chairs from the harshest conditions.

What is FabShield ® Clear Lamination?

FabShield ® Clear Lamination is an overlay of clear plastic film applied to the face of fabric to protect against frequent stains and spills. Typically, this application is used for tablecloths, seat cushions and wallpaper. Spills should be wiped off with any kitchen cleaner, as prolonged exposure to colored drinks like wine may stain the film. 

If the fabric is to be used for furniture upholstery, it must be knit backed (FabBack ® or FabScrim ® ) to stabilize the fabric prior to lamination. Failure to do so may cause separation of the lamination from the fabric with prolonged use.

The polyurethane overlay is odorless, and can be hand-washed with a mild detergent. It does not contain lead, phthalates, BPA or PVC.

What is FabBlackout ® ?

We laminate your fabric with 100% blackout lining or translucent backing for room darkening applications. This treatment allows you to use any fabric of your choice as a roller shade or drapery material. This material can be fabricated and no additional lining is required. Our blackout liner is pre-treated with a non-toxic fire retardant for commercial applications.

I use faux leather floor for a stage show. I have to frequently replace punctured floor due to high heel traffic. How can I increase the longevity of flooring material?

We have successfully bonded leather and faux leather to PVC or vinyl, creating a durable composite material with high resistance to punctures.

My application requires a waterproof material outside and a soft fleece inside. Can this be done?

We recommend waterproofing your fabric with our FabShield ® overlay of clear plastic film first, and then bonding it to the soft fleece liner. The resulting flexible, waterproof composite material can be easily cut and sewn for outerwear and other outdoor applications.