Stain Protection for Fabric

Protect your fabrics from spills.

Water beads and rolls right off of stain protected fabric.

Our stain protection technologies make it easier to keep your upholsteries, draperies, and fine fabrics looking fresh and clean, protecting them from soil, stains and spills. Our processes do not impact the weight, look, feel, or color of the fabric.

FabGard® 1 - Teflon Stain Protection is our most popular and economical stain protection. Using a custom spray-on process, the compound is chemically joined to the fibers of the fabric.

GreenShield® Stain Protection: Inspired by nature.

FabGard® 2 - Teflon Stain Protection is our solvent based stain protection primarily used for silks and delicate fabric where water could stain the fabric or change its color.

For an environmentally friendly alternative, consider our GreenShield Stain Protection. GreenShield is a fluorocarbon, stain resistant, permanent water repellant treatment that is formaldehyde free, produces no VOC's, and uses only one-third of the chemicals used in other finishes. Unlike FabGard®, GreenShield is not merely a surface coating. Inspired by nature, GreenShield uses nano-technology to create a surface on your fabric which is similar to that of a plant leaf, which allows water and oil droplets to roll right off.

For the most demanding applications, we offer FabArmor®, which combines our GreenShield stain protection with a barrier film laminated to the back side of the fabric. FabArmor is an excellent choice for health care, senior care, hospitals, hotels, and commercial applications where spills may remain on the surface for extended periods of time. It allows fabric to breathe while wicking away moisture from the surface. It is especially effective against urine, food, medicines, and blood. It is an effective way to protect your mattresses, sofas and chairs from the harshest conditions.

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Get a sample of stain protection on your own fabric. Send us a sample of your fabric and our technicians will gladly run a test sample for you (for a small fee). We can also send you a free brochure of free brochure of representative samples samples if you prefer.

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