Backing Fabric for Scrapbooks, Binders and Photo Album Covers

Turn your favorite fabric into a creative custom cover for any book

Fabric covered wedding album
Fabric covered wedding album
Scrapbooks, photo albums and binders are great places to collect special artifacts, photos or other items that may be meaningful to you. Creative people everywhere have been documenting and sharing their memorable moments with personalized books like these in growing numbers. Adding a beautiful cover made from your favorite fabric is a great way to make your special scrapbook, photo album or binder really stand out.

In order to be suitable for such an application, your fabric will need to have a special backing applied to the back side of it. The backing provides stiffness to the fabric, making it easier to work with and more durable. The backing needs to be non-breathable, or airtight, so it can be easily cut on a vacuum table, which uses suction to hold the fabric in place for easier cutting. These are common in large-scale operations, but smaller table-top versions are also available for hobbyists and part-time craftspeople. The backing should also be opaque to hide any spots,  patterns or defects on the item being covered, which would distract from the beauty of the fabric covering.

Our engineers have developed a process called FabPaper® which gently and permanently bonds the proper backing to your favorite fabric without introducing any bowing or wrinkling. Our team has perfected our process over many years, and this particular paper backing solution has been proven over and over again to be the best backing for this application.

Fabric treated with FabPaper ® can be used on scrapbook covers, photo album covers, binder covers or any other special book that deserves to stand out from the rest. We can also apply FabPaper ® to other materials such as leather, snakeskin or any other animal hydes. We invite you to send us something unique that we haven't ever processed before! Your imagination my be better than ours. You may just get your project featured on our blog.

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See and feel Backing Fabric for Scrapbooks, Binders and Photo Album Covers on your own fabric. Send us a sample of your fabric and our technicians will gladly apply the appropriate backing to suit your application (for a small fee). We can also send you a free brochure of representative samples if you prefer.

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