Organic SunGard-ZERO® UV Inhibitor

2,800 hrs. of UV Protection / Deter Fading & Deterioration from Sunlight

Sheer silk drapery fabric treated with SunGard-ZERO®, 100% Go-Green Ultra-Violet Finish that protects fabric for over 2,800 hours of sunlight.

Why Organic SunGard-ZERO® is The Best UV-Finish Choice

When exposed to ultra-violet radiation in sunlight, most fabrics used in upholstery and drapery will fade over time. To minimize the effects of the sun, our proprietary 100% Organic UV finish, SunGard-ZERO® is laboratory tested and in compliance with ACT guidelines of 2,800 hours of indirect sunlight. SunGard-Zero® is a non-toxic PFAS-Free performance finish with an utmost performance rate that will prolong the lifespan of the fabric.

Sheer silk drapery fabric protected with SunGard® Ultra-violet protection that will prolong the lifespan of the fabric by over 300%.

Best & Least Performance Fabrics Under Sunlight

With that said, it is our experience over the years treating diverse types of fabrics that there are certain weaves, colors, and stretch of the fabric that perform better than others. Generally, the darker color fabrics are more receptive to a UV- Inhibitor versus more open and dense fabrics.

After Care Recommendations

Fabrics treated with SunGard-Zero® alone cannot be washed or dry-cleaned. However, if in addition to the SunGard-Zero® finish, the fabric is treated with GreenShield® or another protective moisture barrier, then the fabric can be light cleaned with water and gentle soap and/or dry-cleaned.

Our Commitment to Wellness

FabrickBack® is a forward-thinking company with a culture that is committed to developing and promoting sustainable products that are kind to the environment and healthy to our clients. SunGard-ZERO® is a Detrapel Product.

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See and feel Additional Fabric Finishes and Services Offered by FabricBack on your own fabric. Send us a sample of your fabric and our technicians will gladly apply the appropriate backing to suit your application (for a small fee). We can also send you a free brochure of representative samples if you prefer.

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