I do not use purchase order. Can I just call and place my order?

You may fax or e-mail us your own purchase order, or send us a completed work-order form

or call us with following information:

Today's Date Order No

Your Company Name and address ((street, city, state, zip)

Contact Name, Phone, Fax, Email

Your Billing address (if different then company address)

Ship to address: (if different than billing address)

Fabric is shipped from: (if shipped from vendor or location other than your company)

Ship Fed Ex / UPS: Ground / 3day/ 2nd day/ next day

Pattern No: Yards Content (if known) Width Description

Treatment required (please specify for each pattern)

(Knit back, Scrim Back, N/W wallpaper, Stain protection or Fire protection, UV protection, Clear laminate, Layer bonding)

Billing & Ship to Information:




Attn: Lana Fulks

Ph: 678 566 0932, Fax 678 566 0942, Email: Lana@fabricback.com

My project is very behind the schedule? Do you have expedited service?

Normal processing time is 7-10 business days from time of payment. Expedited services are available. These service charges are over and above the normal process (treatment) charges:

  • Expedited Same Day $495.00
  • Expedited Next Day $395.00
  • Expedited 2nd Day $295.00
  • Expedited 3rd Day $195.00
  • Priority 5th Day $125.00

Can I ship my fabric to you directly from the manufacturer?

Absolutely! Simply have the vendor include your purchase order or instruction sheet with the fabric and fax or email over the information to us.

Can you receive fabric from my vendor and ship it to my upholstery workroom after processing?

Please have your vendor insert a copy of your P.O. to us with your fabric shipment and have each bolt marked with your company name and P.O. number. Provide the address of your workroom/upholstery shop and any sidemark on your purchase order. Phone, contact and e-mail information should be included where available.

What is your inspection process? We recent order had fabric flaws, fabric was shipped direct to FB from distributor and FB treatment was excellent. We would like to know if in the future we need to have shipped to us or if we need to inspect before sending to FB?

We do not inspect for flaws, only for general cleanliness. We cannot take responsibility for the defects inspection as there are various types and what one considers a flaw in the fabric could actually be the natural characteristics of the fabric. This is particularly true for the natural fiber fabrics. However, in our inspection if we find an obvious defect we take a picture and send it to client prior to proceeding with our process.

How can I be sure that right side of the fabric is treated?

Please mark the face of fabric or the side you want us to treat or a swatch with the face clearly marked. If fabric is not marked we will assume that the face of the fabric is rolled in.

Can you treat extra wide fabrics?

We can treat up to 120 in wide fabrics. Please inquire for pricing.

What types of fabric can be treated with your processes?

We work with all kinds of even or uneven surface fabrics including but not limited to:

  • Silk Fabrics
  • Linen
  • Polyester
  • Cotton
  • Solids Plaids & Stripes
  • Embroidered & Pleated
  • Velvets
  • Vinyls
  • Embroidered
  • Animal Skins (Leather, snakeskin, etc)
  • Faux Leather (Naugahyde)
  • Plastic
  • Grasscloth
  • Up to 120" wide fabrics
  • Loosely woven fabrics

All orders are on Proforma Basis (Payment of invoice in advance before services are rendered) unless otherwise indicated