Ultraviolet UV Inhibitor

Deter fading and deterioration from sunlight.

Sheer silk drapery fabric protected with SunGard® Ultra-violet protection that will prolong the lifespan of the fabric by over 300%.

When exposed to ultra-violet radiation in sunlight, most fabrics will fade over time. To minimize the effects of the sun, we recommend SunGard® Ultraviolet Protection.

The effectiveness of the UV protection depends on the weave, color, weight, and stretch of the fabric. The darker the color, generally the better the protection. The more open and dense the fabric, the less effective the protection.

A commonly used method for measuring the effectiveness of a UV treatment is the AATC 183 method which uses the Ultra Violet Protection Factor (UPF). A UPF factor of 25 to 50+ will block 96.0 - 99% of UV radiation and is considered very good to excellent.

In most cases, SunGard® will be able increase a fabric's UPF factor to between 25 and 50 in order to block 96.0 - 99% of UV radiation. This will prolong the typical lifespan of the fabric by over 300%.

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